How to Solve Eating Difficulty in Children

Children’s hard to eat is a problem that is often complained of parents, especially mothers. Various methods are not successful as to overcome the difficult child to eat. Even mothers often become depressed and stressed in the face of her baby. Every mother always filled with concerns about the nutritional adequacy of their children. Not to mention if the child is fussy eaters or picky.

When your baby is 6 months old, time to start giving solid food addition to breast milk. This is when you should be more careful attention to her diet. Start of giving him milk porridge, fruit juice, and then gradually to a more dense texture of foods such as rice team, and so on. Unfortunately, this process does not always run smoothly, there are several causes that give depth to the little hard to eat. Usually this happens when he entered the first year. The problem is usually in the form of refusing food, do not like vegetables, just want to eat that’s it (picky eater), or sucking food linger. This condition, of course, makes the mother worried about the nutritional adequacy of the child, considering they are still in a period of growth and development.

Factors causing a child difficulty eating due to physical factors and psychological factors. Physical factors include the presence of disorder in the digestive organs and the presence of infection in a child’s body. While psychological factors include psychological disorders in children, such as the condition of the troubled household, less pleasant dining atmosphere, never eat with their parents, and the children are forced to eat food that is not preferred.
How to cope?

Maybe there are some important notes that you missed when feeding children. The following tips may help you;
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10 2014

Avoid Child from Smoking, Should Parents Decisive

no smokingNo parent in this world who want bad or negative thing for their children. But in many cases, because of the concern that too many parents who sometimes forget this principle and often neglect to educate children and provide a good example for them.

In fact, a child is a reflection of their parents. Therefore, in all areas, parents should set an example that could be emulated their children.

So if later circulated photographs of Indonesian children who smoke at an early age as reviewed in TIME magazine’s website, all behaviors that could not be separated from the way parents educate and raise their baby.

“The children penginnya, right, mature quickly. Then all will have adult behaviors tend to cheat. Boys who smoke would follow the example of a father who smoked anyway. He saw and he’s an example. If indeed there are examples of cases of children who smoked from an early age, certainly because there is no supervision. Certainly he was never forbidden to smoke. Surely there is no supervision so that children have become accustomed since childhood, “says child psychologist.
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10 2014